Pepe The Japanese Specialist


Tattooing since 1996, Pepe is founder and owner of Electric Tattooing Viareggio.
Specialized in large-scale Japanese tattoo works, he visited Japan in 1998 and 1999 to get tattooed by the master Horiyoshi III himself. His work is inspired by the traditional style of the "irezumi" masters with a look to the future and to more modern designs. Pepe is also the co-author (with Mina von B) of the book "Tattoo Portraits".

RH The Traditional Tattooer

mr headcheese

Born in La Spezia, Mr.Headcheese is a resident tattooer at Electric Tattooing Viareggio since 2008.
His punk-rock background made him familiar with traditional tattoos and old school stuff. He reached the pinnacle of his career as a tattooer and punk-rocker by tattooing the name of Johnny Ramone on the back of Mr. CJ Ramone himself!

MARI The Lady Tattooer


She's been working at Electric Tattooing Viareggio since 2012.
Her first approach to the tattoo world happened when she were playing guitar in a girls-only band, the 'Pussy Face'.
Marianna enjoys applying her feminine taste and instinct to her tattooing style, that's the reason why she happens to be tattooing ladies mostly. Every style is welcome for this amazing lady tattooer... Girl Power!

Guest Tattooers

Rino Valente

rino valente

Florence based tattoo artist, born in the hometown of the great artist Andrea Pazienza, Rino Valente is a all-round tattooist, specialized in both old school and Japanese style.
An eclectic character, worldwide known for his 25 years experience in the tattoo biz, his famous motto is “Tattoo artist in Nomine Satanas”.



Chz is a young tattooer specialized in engraving-inspired style of tattooing. A victorian style categorized under the “blackworks” label, tattoos who look like etching prints from the past: outline-based designs with no shadings in them. Tattoos with an aristocratic touch, refined and elegant like a graphic ornament from the past.



Graduated with a bachelor's degree in geology he quit the science world to reach the subterranean world of traditional tattooing. Studying hard, tattooing all night and day, he quickly learned all the skills necessary to do a classical tattoo design at its best. But there's actually no way to prove that tattooing is not a science!

g.m. spanu


Sardinian born but currently living in Florence, G.M. Spanu is considered one of the best Italian tattooers of his own generation. Divided between his love for Japanese tattooing and western traditional, he reaches the perfect balance between the two in every single tattoo design.



Talia is our trusted tribalist. Black ink is the keyword of his tattoo style.
From Leo Zulueta's inspired tribals to every single tattoo style of the South Pacific: Maori, Marquesan, Hawaiian, etc... his dedication to the traditions of the tribal world is undenied.
Senior member of the rock band “Ritmo Tribale” since the late 80's... who could be named “tribalista” better than him?

massimo gurnari


From the artistic environment of Milan comes Massimo Gurnari.
A talented painter coming from the pop surrealism and lowbrow art, he creates black and white engraved-style tattoos showing a keen and critical eye on our concept of visual arts. Seventeenth-century inspired design and the late-baroque iconography, highly reminiscent of freak imaginary are the most iconic elements of his aesthetic .
Exclusive designs specifically made for each client to collect.



Jonas Arturo Santana is a funky character who mixes the traditional style of western tattooing with the “santeria” of his homeland, the Dominic Republic. His crazy style of tattooing moulds this eclectic mix into large scale, free-hand designs. Custom made for each single customer, directly painted on the skin, done in full color or black and gray, he creates some of the most powerful tattoos ever seen with a latin twist.